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Terminologies for Reproducible Research traditional methodsof scientific publication, especially for computational research. In their vision of reproducible research, readers should be able to rebuild published results “using the author’s underlying programs and raw

Abstract: Reproducible research—by its many names—has come to be regarded as a key concern across disciplines and stakeholder groups. Funding agencies and journals, professional societies and even mass media are paying attention, often focusing on the so

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Reproducible research—by its many names—has come to be regarded as a key concern across disciplines and stakeholder groups. Funding agencies and journals, professional societi

Abstract Reproducible research—by its many names—has come to be regarded as a key concern across disciplines and stakeholder groups. Funding agencies and journals, professional societies and even mass media are paying attention, often focusing on the so

Read a post-publication review of Terminologies for Reproducible Research on Publons. This is a timely and welcome review which gives a clear view of the terminology. Although I understand that the paper does not attempt to cite all the literature (as mentioned

FAIR Data and Terminologies for Reproducible Research This project facilitates data sharing, use and discovery, by providing on-demand access (Discovery) for widely distributed web-based data, publication and software resources, with highly refined search

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Reproducible research – What should our goals be? 3 minute read On Friday, I’ll be at the Reproducible Research workshop at the CRUK Cambridge Institute. I’ll be participating in a group discussing What should our goals be?, with James Brenton, Nicole Janz, Natasha Karp and

Lorena Barba, 「Terminologies for Reproducible Research」, arXiv.org 2/9/2018: Reproducible research—by its many names—has come to be regarded as a key concern across disciplines and stakeholder groups. Funding agencies and journals, professional often

17/8/2019 · At various machine learning conferences, at various times, there have been discussions arising from the inability to replicate the experimental results published in a paper. There seems to be a wide spread view that we need to do something to address this problem, as it is essential to the

However, Research Objects also can make scientific research more reproducible by supporting transparency, a component of reproducibility orthogonal to re-executability. We describe here our vision for making Research Objects more transparent by providing means for disambiguating claims about reproducibility generally, and computational re-peatability specifically.

There appears to be great confusion in the scientific and social sciences communities on the meaning of words related to certain aspects of the scientific method. The ArXiv paper by Lorena Barba “Terminologies for Reproducible Research” highlights the confused

‘WaveLab and Reproducible Research’. In Wavelets and Statistics , edited by Anestis Antoniadis and Georges Oppenheim, 103:55–81. New York, NY: Springer New York, 1995.

「The term reproducible research was first proposed by Jon Claerbout」???? I very much doubt that the term 「reproducible research」 was first proposed or defined in 2009. The concept must go back at least one hundred years as people were beginning to get a

31/12/2018 · LO3a: Learn about the nature of reproducible research, workflow design, data management and manipulation, dynamic reporting, what the key requirements are, and which resources are available to support these (knowledge). LO3b: Be able to use available resources to create a workflow for reproducible

Data management routines for reproducible research using the G-Node Python Client library Andrey Sobolev*, Adrian Stoewer , Michael Pereira , Christian J. Kellner , Christian Garbers , Philipp L. Rautenberg and Thomas Wachtler Department of Biology II

Setting up reproducible research requires a thorough preparation in the planning phase. In Chapter II we will discuss a number of tips and tools that aim to increase the reproducibility of scientific research.

19/9/2018 · A step beyond research that is reproducible is research that is both reproducible and robust. But when I think about what’s involved in making a machine learning project just reproducible, I realize that making it robust can be extremely costly. If small changes in

Reproducible research manuscripts Open digital notebooks, which interweave data and code and can be exported to different output formats such as PDF, are powerful means to improve transparency and preproducibility of research. Jupyter Notebook, Stencila

Read about industry trends and efforts to create a precision cell culture.

15/11/2018 · The solutions adopted by the high-energy physics community to foster reproducible research are examples of best practices that could be embraced more widely. This first experience suggests that reproducibility requires going beyond openness. Although these are laudable and necessary first steps

(2017). // online chapter // publisher webpage In The Practice of Reproducible Research: Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences, Justin Kitzes, Daniel Turek, Fatma Deniz (Eds.), California University Press. ISBN 9780520294752.

Experiences with Reproducible Research in Various Facets of Signal Processing Research. Presented at the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and

An introduction to Docker for reproducible research, with examples from the R environment Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research The Practice of Reproducible Research Terminologies for Reproducible Research Good enough practices in

Not surprising, given the diversity of approaches and terminology used in the natural and social sciences more broadly (See “Terminologies for Reproducible Research” at arXiv.org).

31/1/2017 · Goal of the G-Node Data Platform is to provide services and tools for organization and unified access to experimental data and metadata collected at different times or by different lab members or collaborators, to facilitate reproducible research and re-use of data.

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How to increase reproducibility and transparency in your research 04 Feb 2019 | By Daniel Nüst [This article is cross posted-on the EGU GeoLog.] Contemporary science faces many challenges in publishing results that are reproducible. This is due to increased

Reproducible research practices are at the heart of sound research and integral to the scientific method. How best to achieve rigorous and efficient knowledge accumulation is a scientific question | A manifesto for reproducible science, 2017 In de spotlight

Exploration of reproducibility issues in scientometric research Part 1: Direct reproducibility 04/13/2018 ∙ by Ludo Waltman, et al. ∙ 0 ∙ share This is the first part of a small-scale explorative study in an effort to start assessing

His idea of reproducible research was to leave finished work (an article or a thesis) in a state that allowed colleagues to reproduce the calculation, analysis and final figures by executing a single command. The goal was to merge a publication with its underlying” ).

21/12/2018 · The above definition, as far as I can see, parallels that for “reproducible research” on p.2—i.e., using the author-provided code and data to recreate the results—but the adjective has been swapped to “replicable.” I actually believed this to be a typo, at first.

Today Josh Tenenbaum gave a talk here in the Interdisciplinary Mind and Brain Seminar Series, under the title 「On what you can’t learn from (merely) all the data in the world, and what else is needed」. One of his themes was that current RNN systems lack common

Glossary of Key Terms This glossary provides definitions of many of the terms used in the guides to conducting qualitative and quantitative research. The definitions were developed by members of the research methods seminar (E600) taught by Mike Palmquist in

We present and define a structured digital object, called a 「Tale,」 for the dissemination and publication of computational scientific findings in the scholarly record. The Tale emerges from the NSF funded Whole Tale project (wholetale.org) which is developing a

On the other hand, a research field might be considered to have a higher level of reproducibility if it develops community-maintained resources that promote and enable reproducible research practices, such as data repositories, or common data-sharing standards.

1/11/2019 · The Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB) 25, 26, for instance, uses the NGL viewer for a powerful web visualization 13, 14 (Box 3). By providing analysis and visualization in an instant and easy-to-use fashion, the wwPDB has the ability to reach out to a wider audience.

22/1/2019 · If you would like to browse all links — just scroll down to “Links (2018)” section! I would like to summarize our reproducibility and open science efforts followed by a list of related and interesting projects which we encountered in 2018. We are very grateful to all the authors and reviewers

27/10/2012 · Observational healthcare databases represent a valuable resource for health economics, outcomes research, quality of care, drug safety, epidemiology and comparative effectiveness research. The methods used to identify a population for study in an

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